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Cremation is an age-old tradition that is a clean and efficient form of disposition. Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber, where intense heat is used to transform the pet back to its basic elements. When the process is complete, the cremated remains are then gathered and returned to you or disposed of according to your wishes.

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Our Mission

The Kurrus family has been providing professional services for over 130 years in the metro-east and is continually striving to serve families in their time of need.

We recognize that pets are also family, and they hold a special place within the lives of families. In December 2010, Kurrus opened a first-class facility, providing a caring, dignified, and ethical form of cremation for your beloved pets.

Kurrus Funeral Home and Kurrus Pet Services are committed to providing veterinarians and pet owners with the finest, most complete professional pet services available.

Kurrus Pet services is family owned and operate under the rules and regulations established by the State of Illinois and St. Clair County. All cremations will take place by a licensed technician certified by Cremation Association of North America. We are located at 1773 Frank Scott Parkway West in Belleville, Illinois 62223.

Kurrus professional staff or your veterinarian can answer any questions to determine what service is most appropriate for your beloved pet.

Cremation Options

Private Cremation: Upon receiving your pet, Kurrus places a small numbered pet cremationIdentification Medallion constructed of stainless steel with your pet, and it will remain with the pet throughout the cremation process. This Medallion will be returned to you and will be documented on your certificate of cremation. With this process, your pet’s individuality is assured at all times. The cremated remains are of your pet only.

Private cremated remains will be returned to you in a special urn of your choice or returned in a white temporary urn.

Contact Kurrus Pet Services for available options.

pet-cremationCommunal Cremation: If you do not wish to have the cremated remains returned to you, your beloved pet will be placed with other pets during the cremation process and dignified with a final resting place in our scattering garden.



When I choose Private Cremation, how do I know I’m getting my pet back?
The cremated remains of your pet will be returned to you, properly identified with an identification medallion, in a temporary container or permanent urn of the pet owner’s choice.

Can I bring my pet to the Kurrus Pet Services facility?
Yes, please contact us for an appointment.

What if my pet dies at home?
Contact us for an appointment; then you can either transport to us or we will pick up.

How long will the cremation take, and where do I pick up my pet’s cremated remains?
Kurrus Pet Services will have the cremated remains available within 3-5 days. We will call when cremation is completed.

Can I receive the cremated remains of my pet within 24 hours?
Yes, for an additional service fee. (see pricing)

Can I view the cremation facility?
Yes, Kurrus has an open door policy. Please call or stop by for a tour or further explanation of our facility and services.

Memory Garden 2013 Web

Precious Pets Memory Garden

We have built a memory garden on the hillside on the grounds of our funeral home. After completing the communal cremation, we will scatter your pet’s remains in this memory garden. Visitation to this garden is open to you and other families at any time.