Dying is one of the few events in life certain to occur, yet one we are not likely to plan for. “We spend more time getting ready for two weeks away from work than we do our last time on Earth”.

(Time Magazine September 2000)

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What Is A Funeral?

A Funeral is an event where people gather together to express their grief at the death of a loved one and to share with and support others who are experiencing grief.

A funeral provides an organized opportunity for the family and friends to acknowledge their loss, to state the important role this person had in their life, to recognize the loved one’s contributions and accomplishments, and to prepare for life without the deceased.

There are Many Choices Available for Funeral Arrangements

Today there are a wide variety of choices in funeral arrangements. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Visitation the day before the funeral service
  • Visitation and the funeral the same day
  • Visitation and a service at the cemetery (Graveside or Chapel)
  • Private visitation and/or service
  • Visitation and funeral with cremation following (Rental casket available)
  • Direct cremation and a memorial service
  • Direct cremation and no services
  • Body donation

There are other combinations and other ways we can meet your wishes. Just let us know what your needs are and we will customize your arrangement.

When selecting a Funeral Home, Keep these questions in mind!

  • Will your services be tailored to your needs and satisfaction?
  • Is the funeral home well respected and accountable after the service?
  • Are your funds safe? Where are they kept and managed?
  • Is your funeral plan transferable to another provider?
  • Does the funeral home provide support and assistance after the services?
  • Does the funeral home maintain adequate grief resources?
  • Do you sense a funeral home commitment to excellence in services and merchandise?

What is Pre-Arranging?

Pre-arranging is the planning and/or pre-payment of the funeral services before they are needed. If you decide to pre-pay, the services and items selected are guarantee and will not cost the family additional money; no matter when the need occurs.

Preplanning your funeral service is a loving, caring gift to your family. By taking the time to sit down with a licensed funeral professional and preplan a funeral for yourself, spouse or loved one, you can spare your family the added stress of making many decisions at an already difficult time.

Today, more and more emphasis is being placed on funeral preplanning instead of waiting until the time of need to make arrangements. We understand individuals prefer to examine information without a salesman knocking at their door or unsolicited calls to your home. We respect your privacy and want you to make your own decisions without undo pressure. We are available to help you make those arrangements either at our funeral home location or in the privacy of your own home.

Making arrangements can be as simple or as a detailed as you wish. Our commitment to you is to answer any questions you may have, with no pressure to proceed any further then you wish. Making funeral prearrangements is a simple Three step process.

  1. Gathering biographical information, for future obituaries, death certificates, authorizations, permits and family history.
  2. Selection of the type of services, merchandise (caskets, vaults etc.) and cash advance items that you wish to include.
  3. Whether or not you choose to pre-fund the funeral service. There is no obligation to pay for a funeral services in advance. However, there are certain advantages to pre-funding:
  • Waiting can cost you more- Saving money by “guaranteeing” you a price. Avoid future price increases and inflation.
  • You decide now exactly what type of arrangements you want and can afford. Don’t leave difficult decisions to others.
  • Removes the emotional and financial burden from your loved ones during a painful time.
  • Many payment options are available to meet your needs and budget.

You can set aside the money for your funeral expenses in a way that will protect it should you ever need Medicaid or Public Aid assistance for nursing home or other care.

Financial Concerns

Today, more people are living longer and nursing homes have frequently become a necessity. Staying in a nursing facility can be expensive. What will you do if you run out of funds?

Before your funds are depleted, you can pay for all funeral expenses in advance and make the account irrevocable. This irrevocable account is not considered an asset by the State of Illinois public assistance department.

Are the Funds Transferable or Refundable at All Funeral Homes?

There are many plans available and each state has different laws. In Illinois, the pre-paid plans are governed by the Comptroller’s Office and are monitored yearly. Trusts are fully transferable or refundable minus administrative fees. Insurance policies are transferable, but usually not completely refundable.

Be Careful! Check the contract!

What if We Move or Die Away From Home?

If you still wish to have services in the Belleville area, we can handle all arrangements. Just call us first. We work with a nationwide agency to handle everything for one set price, usually for less, because of our arrangement.

If you wish to be buried elsewhere, we can transfer the funds to the funeral home you select or possibly refund your money (if not irrevocable.) Funeral prices vary between funeral homes, therefore services may not be fully funded at another funeral home.

Talk to Our Licensed Professionals!

The Kurrus staff is professionally trained and licensed by the State of Illinois, with many years experience.

Don’t wait until you have to make funeral arrangements. Making funeral arrangements today involves many choices and decisions. It is helpful to consider all options and take time to ask questions before making final decisions about such an important event. It is our pledge to help make this entire experience as positive as possible. Let us help you by providing information and answering your questions today.