Q. Why do I need a monument?
It is customary to place a monument or marker at the burial site as identification and memorial to a loved one.

Q. What are monuments made of?
These structures are usually made of stone, ranging from granite to concrete, or metal. There are many variations in the types of stones or metals used and the prices can vary significantly.

Q. Is an outer burial container and vault the same thing?
No. An outer burial container does not have the sealing properties of a vault. The outer burial container is used as a minimum requirement of most cemeteries for the maintenance of the cemetery.

Q. What is the function of a vault?
To protect the casket and its contents

Q. What are vaults made of?
The two most common types of vaults are metal and concrete.

Q. Who should I contact for detailed information?
For questions regarding cemetery requirements, vaults, types, and sizes of monuments, or purchasing a monument or marker, call your professional Funeral Director.


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