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Virginia M. Williams

May 22, 1937 - March 1, 2018

Service Date: March 7, 2018

Gee, I made you a special family feud room on my mindcraft . Gee was my grandma and the two of us plus Duke my dog, would watch Family Feud all night long and eat mint chocolate Chip ice cream until 2am every time I stayed the night . I sent you note in a balloon today so it should of reached heavan by now. I know you are playing Bridge up there. Drop me an angel feather so I know you got there ok. Love Josh

-Josh- AKA Drumming Josh
March 6, 2018
Virginia. Virginia Mae, (her Mother), Ginny...to me she was always Jean...more like a sister than sister-in-law...of great support on the few occasions I needed it..always fun to be around..laughing always laughing...even the last time I visited her last week...we had about an hour chat..you would have never guessed she had the devastating cancer that she did.. RIP Jean..i'm just thankful it's at the end of your suffering

March 6, 2018
RIP Aunt Ginny . Ginny was always fun to be around and had such a wonderful attitude about all things in life. I regret that I lived so far from Belleville that we couldn't come visit more often . Our families used to go to the beach in North Carolina every other year and rent a couple of houses . We all played Golf , swam, and just really had a great time . I can see in my minds eye Aunt Ginny right now laughing about something and sharing a funny story . God bless you Aunt Ginny ! My thoughts and prayers for my Uncle Clay and all my cousins and their families . Y'all please celebrate such a full life she had with your families and friends ! Love Y'all ! Mark

-Mark Callaway - Nephew
March 3, 2018